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Product & Catalog Photography

Give your products a professional photo op and let it tell the right story to your customers. Product photography plays a huge role in what intrigues the customer to buy the product, so we conduct research during our product photography projects to ensure we're delivering the best results for our clients' success. 

Starting at $500

Protein Products

Copywriting & Content Strategy

Content strategy is essentially putting a brand's objectives into a plan of action to achieve its goals using relevant content to do so. Relevant content can be any written word, images, audio, and video. At MGE Marketing Co., we put our best researchers on every project to strategize the best content plan for your brand's continuous improvement; then we create relevant content in accordance with the strategic plan. 

Pricing varies; please contact us.

Public Relations Management

Simply put, a public relations manager helps with boosting and preserving a company's good image to the public. PR teams also ensure effective communication with stakeholders and the media. Our PR team takes pride in excellent written and verbal communication skills, working closely with our clients to tackle any rising problems.

Please talk to us about your need for PR services.

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