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Social Media Strategy

Table setup with devices
Facebook & Instagram
Pages Management

Interact with your ideal market to build your brand through trust and awareness, increase sales and engagement, and drive up traffic and conversion rates. This service includes content creating, copywriting for created content, engaging with page followers and visitors, running periodic ad campaigns, and total pages management. Our goal is to help you meet and exceed yours, and we are ready to get the ball rolling for you.

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Media Advertisement
Ads Campaign Manager

This service is ideal for businesses that do not have an ongoing ad campaign that requires management and are looking to run short-term campaigns over various periods of time. Ideal for seasonal, quarterly, and as-needed ad campaigns. We currently only offer this service for Facebook, Instagram, and Google only. Campaign management includes strategic planning, clear campaign goals, ad content, and ad copywriting.

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Online apparel store
Social Media Posts

Let’s make sure your business foundation is strong and calibrated for growth! This package is perfect for anyone who wants a temporary done-for-you service. It is ideal for self-marketing brands looking to have a steady flow of social media content to improve engagement and keep pages in favor of algorithm.


Plan includes:

Branded visual content

Copywrite for each branded visual content

SEO topic relevant hashtags

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